To enhance the professional practice of teachers in the fields of the Arts & Humanities, including literature, visual arts, music, history, philosophy, and religion, and to emphasize the interdisciplinary, existential, and experiential aspects of learning.


The Collier Institute for Humanities Education is named in honor of Mrs. Nancy A. Collier, a secondary English/Language Arts teacher who served students faithfully not only in her discipline, but in an interdisciplinary approach that transcended the superficiality of contemporary schooling. Mrs. Collier exhibited the virtues of a classical educator: she taught her students to challenge presuppositions and to examine themselves in light of the universal human story in literature and the fine arts. As such, she taught not only the logos and ethos, but the pathos of learning.

Get Involved:

If you are currently serving in the field of education or you are pursuing graduate education in a Humanities-related field and your life was significantly influenced by Nancy Collier, you can help. We are trying to formulate the basis of our institute in a virtual "think tank" to immortalize those aspects of Mrs. Collier's approach to education that can best help other educators and in effect, allow her life and mission to live on in others. Contact Dr. Joshua Reichard at jreichard@collierinstitute.org to start the conversation.

The Collier Institute for Humanities Education is an outreach of the Mainline Education Foundation, Inc., an Ohio nonprofit corporation.